Become a Language Assistant

Fille au pair ou demi pair

Live in immersion with a host family in exchange for 15 hours english teaching per week

Whatever your motivation, the language assistant program is a great opportunity to share the daily life of a french host family, to improve your French skills and to discover France from the inside.

What are the program principles ?

This program is based on the principle of cultural exchange. It requires sufficient flexibility and open-mindedness and is designed for people who wish to experience the daily life of a host family, to adopt their cultural practices during your stay and to learn a new language. In return, you will teach your native language and culture with your hosts.

The program’s strengths

What about the accommodation ?

You will be accommodated in a private home with full board in exchange for 15 hours of language tuition per week with one or more family members (usually with kids).

The family commits itself to welcome you with full board with flexibility regarding lunch during the week. Indeed, your hosts, if they have a professional activity during the day, will not be able to share lunch with you. You are invited to take care of yourself for these meals (by cooking yourself or eating out).

Your host will provide you with a single room. The common areas will be shared: bathroom, kitchen,…

Each family is chosen based on their sincere desire to learn your language and share their own culture.

A profile presenting the family and the place of accommodation will be sent sent with the placement confirmation.

Just like any member of the family, you are expected to take care of your room, common areas and respect the family’s way of life.

You are not considered as an au pair, but you must participate in the daily life of the house (help with meal preparation, washing dishes, daily tidying up…).

Fille au pair ou demi pair

What is the role of the language assistant?

You will teach english to family members for 15 hours a week. These interventions may take the form of formal classes, tutoring, daily conversations, games or various activities… depending on the needs of your host family.

Once contact has been established between an applicant and a host family, you are invited to discuss more precisely your family’s English needs: the number of formal classes, the time devoted to conversation, activities with the children, etc. The family offer a weekly schedule that takes into account the work and school rhythm, thus clarifying the time that can be devoted to French.

It is very important to prepare educational material in advance according to your family’s needs. To this end, you can use the many resources available on the Internet. You should also bring a dictionary and a grammar book.

How can I improve my french skills ?

You can also choose to be placed with a host family on Montpellier and surroundings and learn French at a renowned language school in downtown Montpellier.

Courses are organized in small groups, with a maximum of 10 students per class, depending your french level allowing you to make the most of your time in class. A program of cultural activities will be offered every week.

Objectives: understand, communicate and express yourself orally and in writing by developing the 4 skills : (speaking, writing, reading and listening) on a daily basis.

The pedagogical approach is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

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